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My still lifes are a reflection of anxiety and fears that, and I view them as an extension of my previous work investigating self-portraiture and the human condition.

Specifically, the images are an interpretation and exploration of vanitas still life images imbued with a dark sense of humor. The objects are related to contemporary life, and primarily consist of things like seldom-used tools or objects, unread or unfinished books, skulls, my children’s toys, or empty beer cans. The mood is bleak, and there is a pessimism that borders on the nihilistic or even misanthropic. A general sense of ennui permeates the work as I struggle to find my place and inject meaning into my life while examining the overwhelming presence of my failures as a husband, a father/provider, an artist, and an educator.

A Self Portrait
pencil, graphite powder on paper
10" x 15"
Diary Of A Madman
mezzotint, watercolor
9" x 12" (plate size), 11" x 14" (paper size)
Contritum Spiritu
20cm x 25cm